Friday, August 28, 2009

Peas, Apples and Brother's Bargain Peppers

I scoffed up some of the last of the six-week peas at the NC Farmers' Market today, a one-half bushel bag (already shelled, see the picture) for my freezer.  Apples are just in, and it was fun to taste and choose.  I got a $3 box of rustic goldens, a sweet and tart apple good for eating and cooking.  The picture shows my beautiful haul for the day.  Now I have to cook!  In a day or so, I will post a recipe I fixed with something from this picture.

As a result of reading the book The China Study and watching the documentary Food, Inc., I am eating a lot more vegetables now, for both health and ethical reasons.   I am actually having a lot of fun finding yummy local produce and creating something wonderful with it.  

Brother's Bargain Peppers:  On Monday my brother and I shopped at the Farmers' Market, and after I had just paid $3 for a pint of blueberries, I found him paying $10 for a flat of very ripe blueberries.  He went with me again today, and here is what he found for $8:  a whole box of multi-colored bell peppers with a few spots on them.  This time I didn't pay full price (about $.90 each!) - I got two for free from him.  Maybe if I keep taking him with me to market, I might learn a thing or two.  

If you want to see more of what was at market today, click here, and choose "slideshow."

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Does anyone have any produce shopping tips to share? I welcome your comments and feedback.

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